Lovely to meet you.
Juno Stone and Silver brings you my creations. My name is Marli and I am the artist-designer-photographer of the beauties you'll find in my shop.
Artistic expression permeates every aspect of my life and the  jewellery reflects influences of my life journey so far. 
Beginning with the raw beauty of the Far South Coast of NSW, a Visual Art degree and now influenced by the natural vibrancy of Byron Bay and my families convenient love affair with India.
Juno stone and Silver is the passionate endeavour to indulge my aesthetic sensitivities and deep affection for the natural world using gemstones and pure handmade silver.
The design process is about listening to the story that each stone brings and instinctively bringing the organic elements together so that each piece has a distinctive resonance. 
By pairing the potency of raw and the elegance of the finest faceted stones with 98-100% Pure Thai Hill Tribe Silver we create one of a kind pieces with a distinct and unique style.
With every piece, I try to create organically, uncompromising to trends - ensuring pieces that will bring you joy for life.